The Hustler Sports 30 on VandyRadio: Shea Ralph’s hiring, Jerry Stackhouse’s recruiting and baseball’s winning

Vanderbilt last week found its new women’s basketball coach, while Jerry Stackhouse found two new recruits and baseball beat Tennessee on the road.


Shea Ralph throws out the first pitch at a Vanderbilt baseball game after being introduced as head women’s basketball coach. (Twitter/@VandyBoys)

The Hustler Sports 30 returns for an early-week podcast after Vanderbilt hired its new women’s basketball coach, Jerry Stackhouse landed two more recruits via the transfer portal and baseball won another critical SEC series against Tennessee. Hosts Simon Gibbs, Betsy Goodfriend, Alyssa Muir and Justin Hershey discuss Shea Ralph’s hiring, as well as Liam Robbins’ and Rodney Chatman’s impact, before debating whether this Vanderbilt baseball team can compare to the 2019 national championship-winning team.

1:40 — The hosts discuss whether or not it was surprising that Candice Storey Lee was able to win over Shea Ralph, a former assistant at UConn and potential heir-to-Geno Auriemma.

5:30 — First impressions of Coach Ralph, and did she say anything during her introductory press conference that stood out to you?

11:35 — Men’s basketball had a huge week, landing two transfers in Liam Robbins and Rodney Chatman. What do these two recruits say about Stackhouse, and do you think Vanderbilt has all the pieces it needs to be competitive?

21:30 — Vanderbilt baseball sits comfortably at 28-6 after taking two of three games against a top-ranked Tennessee team on the road. Do you think this team is on par with the 2019 team?