The Hustler Sports 30 on VandyRadio: Basketball comes to a close, baseball heats up

The Hustler Sports 30 is back to discuss Vanderbilt men’s basketball pulling off a shorthanded upset and baseball bouncing back from a loss.


Hunter Long

Kumar Rocker went five strong innings this weekend against Georgia State, allowing no runs and just three hits. (Hustler Multimedia/Hunter Long).

On this week’s episode of the Hustler Sports 30, Simon Gibbs, Alyssa Muir, Betsy Goodfriend and Justin Hershey are back to discuss both Vanderbilt men’s basketball and Vanderbilt baseball.

While Vanderbilt men’s basketball lost its two stars, Dylan Disu and Scotty Pippen Jr., to various injuries, they showed resolve in an upset win over Ole Miss—although, they proceeded to lose handedly to LSU. Baseball, on the other hand, dropped one game to Georgia State before coming back with a vengeance, winning each of its next three games.

2:33 — The hosts begin by discussing Vanderbilt’s upset win over Ole Miss: what went right, and what allowed Vanderbilt to pull it off?

8:22 — In the Commodores’ subsequent loss to LSU, was there anything the coaching staff and/or players could have done to make that a close game? Or were the Commodores simply outmatched from a talent perspective?

17:35 — What made Vanderbilt baseball’s three-straight wins possible on the heels of a Game One loss?

22:50 — Do you see any other room for improvement for the VandyBoys other than hitting?