Laika, pet of Immanual John Milton, Editor in Chief. Follow her on Instagram @laikathemnspacedog.
Laika, pet of Immanual John Milton, Editor in Chief. Follow her on Instagram @laikathemnspacedog.
Immanual John Milton

IN PHOTOS: Hustler Pets 2021

Last year’s edition of Hustler Pets brought a smile to our faces when we undoubtedly needed one. While we aren’t being sent home for the summer, the Hustler Editors present you with photos of their pets

This time last year, we were being sent home for the summer. We were completely oblivious to the complete upheaval of our lives that was to come—Zoom who? Isn’t N-95 a kind of airplane? Why is there no toilet paper? A national wave of uncertainty and fear isolated us to our homes, and who did we have alongside us for the ride? Our pets. Even though today looks a whole lot better than it did a year ago, we still felt it was right to give yet another tribute to the animals that have stuck by us both in and out of the Q. 

Hustler: Immanual John Milton, Editor in Chief

Name of Pet: Laika 21Savage John Milton

Favorite Activity: Chasing smaller dogs around and running away from bigger dogs

Fun Fact: She has two siblings.

One-liner: “Don’t eat the yellow snow.”

Hustler: Avery Muir, Managing Editor

Name of Pet: Beau

Favorite Activity: Eating, no question

Fun Fact: He can unwrap any kind of food packaging. Zipper, zip-locks, airtight seal? No problem.

One-liner: “If it doesn’t taste good, what’s the point?”


Name of Pet: Ginger

Favorite Activity: Literally chasing her tail or running in circles

Fun Fact: She likes Beau more than he likes her. 

One-liner: “Squirrel!”

(Hustler Staff/Jessica Barker)

Hustler: Jessica M. Barker, News Editor

Name of Pet: Peter Barker

Favorite Activity: Ambitiously watching birds and chipmunks

Fun Fact: Pete hated carpets and blankets for the first two years of his life.

One-liner: “If I fit, I’m going to sit.”

(Hustler Staff/Simon Gibbs) (Simon Gibbs)

Hustler: Simon Gibbs, Sports Editor

Name of Pet: Bueller

Favorite activity: Sleeping, eating and then more sleeping

Fun fact: He’s two years old, and it’s unclear whether he actually knows his name.

One liner: Much like Ferris, every day is his day off.

Hustler: Miquela Thornton, Opinion Editor

Name of Pet: Ava (Yellow) and Periwinkle (Blue)

Favorite activity: Playing tag and finding tall places to hide

Fun fact: They are both parakeets.

One-liner: “Why can’t I get through this window?”

(Hustler Staff/Betsy Goodfriend)

Hustler: Betsy Goodfriend, Deputy Sports Editor

Name of Pet: Kirby

Favorite Activity: Snacking on tortilla chips

Fun Fact: She has special game day collars for each school in the family and wears them during football season (Go ‘Dores!)

One-liner: “People>>>>>other dogs.”

(Hustler Staff/Will Langford)

Hustler: Will Langford, Editorial Director

Name of Pet: Penny

Favorite Activity: Staring out the window

Fun Fact: She has a god complex

One-liner: “I run this house.”

(Hustler Multimedia/Emery Little)

Hustler: Emery Little, Social Media Director

Name of Pet: Cooper and Tobi 

Favorite Activity: Chasing after rabbits in the backyard but never catching them because they are way too slow. Bless their hearts 

Fun fact: They love to wear matching outfits. 

One-liner: “You do know the world revolves around us, right?”  

(Hustler Staff/Jonathan Liu)

Hustler: Jonathan Liu, Deputy News Editor

Name of Pet: Jingle

Favorite activity: Sunbathing

Fun fact: His form of affection is allowing one to brush his fur (endlessly).

One-liner: “I’m a floofy boi.”

(Hustler Staff/Emma Mattson)

Hustler: Emma Mattson, Copy Editor

Name of Pet: Chaucer

Favorite Activity: Doing yoga with the family

Fun Fact: He’s deathly afraid of brooms.

One-liner: “Don’t wake me up if there’s no peanut butter involved.”

Hustler: Charlotte Mauger, Deputy News Editor

Name of Pet: Ruckus

Favorite Activity: Attacking toes peacefully at rest under blankets 

Fun Fact: Has crossed eyes, only drinks water from sink faucets. 

One-liner: “Oh, it looks like I want you to pet my belly. Try, and I will tear your hand to shreds.”

Hustler: Rachael Perrotta, Deputy News Editor

Name of Pet: Max

Favorite Activity: Playing catch with a mini football or talking to the birds through the window

Fun Fact: He got trapped in the air vents of the house the first day we adopted him.

One-liner: “People are scary! Don’t come too close to me—I might run and hide!”


Name of Pet: Phoebe

Favorite Activity: Eating plants

Fun Fact: She slides when she tries to run because of the fur under her paws.

One-liner: “What’s it take to get a princess’s dish filled around here?”


Hustler: Nora Smith, Deputy Opinion Editor

Name of Pet: Kitty and Koda

Favorite Activity: Playing tag and stealing food

Fun Fact: They’re secretly best friends.

One-liner: Kitty: “Sell me your soul.” Koda: “Anything for you, my love.”

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Simon Gibbs (‘21) is the former Sports Editor for The Vanderbilt Hustler. He has been on staff since the first semester of his freshman year, previously serving as a Staff Writer, Senior Writer and Deputy Sports Editor. Simon is also the host of VU Sports Wired on Vanderbilt Video Productions and The Hustler Sports 30 on VandyRadio. Simon has attended several events as credentialed media, including the 2019 NFL Draft, 2019 College Baseball World Series and the 2019 SEC Tournament. Outside of his Commodore coverage, Simon has had bylines published on and When he's not writing, you can find Simon watching his hometown New York Mets, waiting for that next ring. For tips, comments or concerns, please reach out to: [email protected]    
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