Harry, pet of Rachel Friedman, Editor in Chief. Follow him on Instagram @westieharold
Harry, pet of Rachel Friedman, Editor in Chief. Follow him on Instagram @westieharold

IN PHOTOS: Hustler Pets

With no events to photograph, Hustler Editors present you with photos of their pets

May 1, 2020

Being off campus might present significant limitations in terms of photojournalism, but that won’t completely stop us. While we spend time apart, the Hustler Editorial Board thought we’d take some inspiration from a previous photo story on Hustler dogs to introduce you to our cutest quarantine buddies.

Jessica M. Barker

Hustler: Jessica M. Barker, Deputy News Editor
Name of Pet: Pete
Favorite Activity: Rolling in gravel
Fun Fact: His nickname is Stinky Pete



Hustler: Eva Durchholz, News Editor
Name of Pet: Heidi
Favorite Activity: Sitting on your feet
Fun Fact: She loves smoothies




Hustler: Rachel Friedman, Editor in Chief

Name of Pet: Harry Favorite

Activity: Doing no activities

Fun Fact: Harry can unzipper zippers Instagram: @westieharold



Hustler: Emily Gonçalves, Multimedia Director

Name of Pet: Reese

Favorite Activity: Playing in the snow

Fun Fact: Yes, she is named after the candy



Simon Gibbs

Hustler: Simon Gibbs, Deputy Sports Editor
Name of Pet: Bueller
Favorite Activity: Pacing around the dinner table waiting for the smallest crumb to fall
Fun Fact: He’s named after Ferris, but I’d like to pretend he’s named after former VandyBoy/current Dodger Walker Buehler


Hustler: Mattigan Kelly, Deputy Multimedia Editor

Name of Pet: Nash

Favorite Activity: Jumping on the trampoline

Fun Fact: He won his extended family’s Pet of the Year competition in 2019



Hustler: Emery Little, Social Media Director

Names of Pets: Cooper and Tobi

Favorite Activity: Eating everything

Fun Fact: Cooper once ate an entire stick of butter



Emma Mattson

Hustler: Emma Mattson, Copy Editor
Name of Pet: Chaucer
Favorite Activity: Eating peanut butter
Fun Fact: Loves to do yoga with the family



Alyssa Muir

Hustler: Alyssa Muir, Deputy Sports Editor
Name of Pet: Apollo
Favorite Activity: Cuddling and chasing lizards
Fun Fact: He is named after Apollo Creed from the Rocky movies



Hustler: Miquéla Thornton

Names of Pets: Ava (yellow) and Periwinkle (blue belly)

Favorite Activity: Playing tag with each other, digging burrows and sneaking out of the cage

Fun Fact: They’re both girls and lay eggs a couple times a year!

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