The Hustler Sports 30 on VandyRadio: Coach White Joins the Podcast, Men’s Basketball Skids

The Hustler Sports 30 is back for its first show in weeks, and the hosts are joined by Vanderbilt women’s basketball coach Stephanie White.


On this week’s episode of The Hustler Sports 30, Simon Gibbs, Betsy Goodfriend, Alyssa Muir and Justin Hershey are joined by Vanderbilt women’s basketball head coach Stephanie White to discuss the decision to cancel their season, along with what’s next for the Commodores. Then, the hosts move onto Vanderbilt men’s basketball—now 0-6 in SEC play—and break down what exactly has gone wrong.

1:35 — Alyssa asks Coach White how difficult it was to constantly stop and start play due to COVID-19 contact tracing.

2:25 — Simon asks whether Coach White has discussed her future and the future of the program with athletics director Candice Storey Lee.

3:24 — Betsy asks how they plan to keep players ready and focused with a length offseason ahead of them.

4:31 — Justin asks about Koi Love’s breakout season and how she grew into a potential All-SEC player.

6:08 — Alyssa asks how much of their current roster they’re expecting to return.

7:33 — Betsy asks what the reaction has been from incoming recruits after Vanderbilt cancelled its season.

9:15 — Following the Coach White interview, the hosts discuss whether they were ever concerned early in the season that the Commodores might have to cancel the remainder of their season.

13:50 — How do they recover from this season, and is Stephanie White apart of that recovery?

21:20 — What’s gone wrong with Vanderbilt men’s basketball, and why are they in such a skid?

29:24 — How many SEC wins is realistic for Vanderbilt men’s basketball?

33:56 — Should Coach Stackhouse’s seat be heating up?