The Hustler Sports 30 on VandyRadio: COVID-19 strikes, another soccer loss, Black and Gold Series preview

The Hustler Sports 30 is back to analyze the Commodores most recent loss, the impact of COVID-19 on the roster, and baseball’s upcoming Black and Gold series.


Mike Wright scrambles out of the pocket in Vanderbilt’s 41-7 loss to South Carolina (Hustler Multimedia/Hunter Long)

On this week’s episode of the Hustler Sports 30, Simon Gibbs, Alyssa Muir, Betsy Goodfriend and Justin Hershey discuss Vanderbilt’s second consecutive 41-7 loss and the COVID-19 outbreak currently decimating the team.

In addition to football, they touch on Vanderbilt soccer’s recent loss, the VandyBoys upcoming Black and Gold series, and the beginning of Vanderbilt Basketball practice.

Here are some can’t miss moments from this week’s show:

2:35 – The crew offers their thoughts upon hearing the Commodores would be facing South Carolina with just a 56 man roster.

6:22 – Justin explains what he saw from Keyon Henry-Brooks’ debut – one of the only positives from the Commodores loss.

9:39 – Simon criticizes Derek Mason’s play-calling on the goal line and on the fake punt attempt.

14:15 – Alyssa identifies the lack of creativity the Commodores continue to show in the Red Zone.

15:10 – Betsy questions why Mason would call a fake punt just a week after succeeding on one against LSU.

19:25 – Each member of the crew offers their initial thoughts on the Commodores postponed contest with South Carolina.

19:35 – Justin points out that despite the campus-wide COVID-19 rate of .5%, the football team has been shut down three times.

23:50 – The crew breaks down why they are still not concerned about Vanderbilt soccer despite their 1-3 record.

31:40 – Fall baseball is here! The crew points out what Commodore fans should lookout for this weekend in the Black and Gold series

37:00 – Both the women’s and men’s basketball teams began practice this week and the crew rounds out the show with notable thoughts from basketball media day

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