The Hustler staff rakes in 15 Tennessee AP Awards

The Hustler won four first place finishes, and all three of our seniors on the Editorial Board received awards.


The Hustler bids a virtual farewell to our seniors on the editorial board this year as we thank them for their contributions to student media.

Rachel Friedman, Editor in Chief

The Associated Press (AP) released the results for the 2019 Tennessee AP Broadcasters and Media Editors college journalism competition. AP is a non-profit news cooperative representing outlets across the nation.

The Vanderbilt Hustler won 15 awards including four first place finishes and a Best in Show Award. The Hustler also swept the Investigative Reporting category. See the full list of awards below:


Newspaper Sports Reporting:

First, Max Schneider, Sports Editor, “Commodores Clinching Omaha Turns Heartbreak into Heroism

Third, Simon Gibbs, Deputy Sports Editor, “Harrison Smith’s Remarkable Flight to Prominence at Vanderbilt


Radio Sports Reporting:

Second, Max Schneider, Betsy Goodfriend and Simon Gibbs, “The Hustler Sports 30


Online Graphics Design:

Second, Sam Zern, “Vanderbilt Releases Results from 2019 Sexual Assault, Misconduct Survey


Website: Third


Newspaper Feature Story:

Second, Andrew Kolondra, Deputy Life Editor, “Take a Deep Dive into Music with Melodore Dillon Davey


Online Feature Story:

Second, Simon Gibbs, Deputy Sports Editor, “After 20 Years in the Air Force, David Grace Finds Home in Memorial


Newspaper Specialized/Topic Reporting:

Second, Eva Durchholz, News Editor, “How Vanderbilt Collects and Uses Data on Prospective Students


Newspaper Investigative/In-Depth Reporting:

First, Rachel Friedman, Editor in Chief, “Track the Cash: Vanderbilt Students Pay to Print per Page While a Number of Peer Institutions Include Allocations for Printing Charges for all Students

Second, Eva Durchholz, News Editor, “How Vanderbilt Collects and Uses Data on Prospective Students

Third, Caitlin David, “John Geer Responds to Concern Over his Work Consulting for the Defense of Tobacco Companies


Online Ongoing Coverage:

First, Sam Zern and Rachel Friedman, “#MeTooStem Founder’s Departure from Vanderbilt”



Second, Emily Gonçalves, Multimedia Director


Newspaper Reporter:

First, Eva Durchholz, News Editor


College Best of Show:

Newspaper: Max Schneider, Sports Editor