VSG brings food trucks to Buttrick

Campus Dining and VSG are working together to allow food truck vendors to park outside of Buttrick Hall twice a week starting Mar. 10


Exciting new food options will be parked behind Buttrick Mar. 10

Eva Pace, Life Editor

Lately, we’ve had a lot to say about our food options on campus. Whether it’s complaining about the meager meals we hunt down on Friday nights or standing in a thirty-minute sauté line, our university meal plans do the most to build our character at Vandy. Luckily, we have the hardworking student community at Vanderbilt Student Government (VSG) on our side to resolve these issues. Now that spring break is over, we might just see the fruits of their labors. 

Starting on Mar. 10, VSG will be presenting a variety of food trucks behind Buttrick Hall every Tuesday and Thursday. Whether you’re looking for a whole meal or a between-class bite, these tasty trucks will provide an alternative to our daunting dining halls. What’s more, these trucks will all be on the card, so you can get your fill while using Meal Money or Commodore Cash. 

Food trucks on campus are not a novel idea. Universities big and small (i.e. Dartmouth and University of Texas at Austin) have been allowing these vendors to park on their grounds for years now, and VSG President Frances Burton realized there was both want and need for these facilities at Vandy. 

“Dining is one of the biggest parts of living on campus, so we are hoping this initiative can give students fresh and frequently-changing options for this aspect of campus life and solve common student complaints,” Burton said. 

VSG had been mulling over the idea for years, but they needed staff support in order to accomplish their goals. With Campus Dining as an equal partner in the food truck initiative, VSG was able to finally come together with Vanderbilt staff to put the venture into motion, Burton said.

The official times that these food trucks will be parked at Buttrick have not yet been released by VSG, but keep your eyes peeled this coming week for the specifics on these new dining options. And don’t worry, Aryeh’s, you will still always have a special place in our hearts.