Most rising juniors denied for off-campus housing, Zeppos College to be mostly complete by Aug. 2020

OHARE denied rising juniors due to an unprecedentedly high number of rising seniors applying to live off campus.


Eva Durchholz

Nicholas S. Zeppos Residential College will be complete for student move-in Aug. 2020, but the West End tower, visible in the far left of this photo, will not be completed until spring 2021.

Caitlin David, Staff Writer

For the 2020-2021 academic year, the Office of Housing and Residential Affairs (OHARE) denied permission for most rising juniors to live off campus. Announced in an email to students denied for off-campus housing, this decision comes as a high number of fourth-years applied to live off campus for the upcoming year.

OHARE authorized 839 students to live off campus for the 2020-2021, comprising mostly of  rising seniors and above. OHARE granted a small number of rising juniors who applied to live off-campus in housing groups with rising seniors.

“The result of the 2020-2021 lottery for off-campus authorization is almost identical to the result of last year’s lottery,” Senior Director of Housing Operations for OHARE Jim Kramka said.

According to Kramka, the supply of on-campus housing for 2020-2021 will roughly equal that of the 2019-2020 academic year. The loss of spaces from the demolition of Carmichael Towers will be offset by the construction of Nicholas S. Zeppos College and addition of Village at Vanderbilt to housing classified as on-campus.

Construction on the residential portion of Nicholas S. Zeppos College will be completed in time for students to move in during Aug. 2020,  project manager Robert Grummon said.

According to Grummon, the completion of the Nicholas S. Zeppos College is phased. While construction will finish on the residential portion by Aug. 2020, the West End Tower will open in the spring of 2021.

The demolition of Carmichael Towers 1 and 2 is currently tentatively planned for early August 2020, according to Grummon.

“The current plan is to implode both Tower 1 and 2, which will increase efficiency in clearing the area for the construction of Residential College C,” Grummon said.

For more information about campus construction, visit the FutureVU website.