Ice Cream for Breakfast? Yes, please!

Jeni’s celebrates Ice Cream for Breakfast Day by opening early and unveiling a surprise new flavor: Skillet Cinnamon Roll.


Emily Gonçalves

Jeni’s in Hillsboro Village celebrated National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day Feb. 1 with a brand new flavor, special edition mugs and tons of fun activities.

Susanna Harpold

Many might not celebrate or even know about a special holiday that occurs the first Saturday of every February: National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. In celebration of this momentous holiday, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams unveiled their newest flavor “Skillet Cinnamon Roll” and promised hot coffee and special edition mugs to any ice cream connoisseur who helped ring in the holiday at one of their gourmet ice cream shops.

Ice cream fans from all over Nashville poured into the Hillsborough Village Jeni’s location on Saturday, Feb. 1 at 8 a.m. to snag their collectors mug and try the new flavor for themselves. By the time I had gotten myself out of bed and made the walk down 21st Ave., it was around 8:15, and the line was still out the door. From young families to college students still dressed in their pajamas, everyone was celebrating in their own way, and 100 percent of the day’s profits went to support

As I finally sat down to dig into my scoop of Skillet Cinnamon Roll ice cream, I knew I had made the right decision to spend my morning at Jeni’s helping keep the holiday tradition alive. The new flavor consists of cream cheese, caramel and cinnamon ice cream with chunks of cinnamon roll. On top of its unique combination of flavors, this breakfast-themed flavor felt like the perfect way to make this early morning sweet resemble the traditional breakfast it was replacing.

Ice Cream for Breakfast Day may have already passed, but you can try the new flavor any time of day and experience a taste of this holiday for yourself.

Emily Gonçalves
People flocked from all over Nashville to try Jeni’s newest flavor, Skillet Cinnamon Roll, at their Ice Cream for Breakfast Day event.