Trending: Outfits that will keep you looking cool despite the heat

Students are back to school and looking better than ever


Avery Muir and Karina Popowycz, Copy Editor and Staff Writer

School is officially back in session, and most students are back for yet another year of becoming hyper-involved in extracurriculars, looking for free food on campus and reuniting with friends— and the rest are first-years. All jokes aside, these first few weeks have been seriously hot and hectic. Here are some students who have looked calm, cool and collected despite the wicked heat. 

Julia Nahley (’21)
Go-to outfit: “My go to outfit is usually jean shorts and a flowy top, or I love my ripped straight jeans. Since it’s been so hot I like to wear breathable shirts, but still love long sleeves because I get cold inside.”














Cammy Johnson (’21)
Go-to outfit: “I’m a big fan of dresses and rompers, since they are so easy to throw on and go on busy mornings.”














Sharjeel Khan (’21)
Go-to outfit: “My go to outfit is kind of a skater look, usually shorts and a shirt with Vans. Today I felt like dressing up more.”














Kaitlyn Hammond (’23)
Go-to outfit: “This romper is from Sincere Sally Boutique. My go-to is probably a romper since they are super breezy.”














Mark Wilkins (’22)
Go-to outfit: “I love wearing shorts and a polo. During the heat I love to stand in front of the AC before I go out.”