Free HBO GO subscription to end Aug. 31

Content provider will no longer provide Vanderbilt access to HBO GO for free


Rachel Friedman, Editor in Chief

Free access to the streaming service HBO GO for students will end Aug. 31.

Previously, students with Vanderbilt logins could access HBO GO free of charge. Vanderbilt’s content provider, or the company that gives students access to cable, offered the service to the university free of charge. However, the content provider will no longer be providing the service to Vanderbilt, according to Senior Director of Housing Operations Jim Kramka.

The university will also be transitioning from offering cable television access to using IPTV, Kramka said. IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, is a service that allows users to access television channels through the campus’ internet network.

The IPTV contract will also likely include access to HBO GO, Kramka said. This may mean that students will regain access to the service. However, a contract is still under negotiation for IPTV, and there is not yet an estimated implementation date.