Homeshake sways with the crowd

Peter Sagar brought his classic lofi R&B to the High Watt on March 27


Tina Qin

In their debut Nashville performance, Peter Sagar’s Homeshake mesmerizes their High Watt audience into a steady sway. The Montreal based artist has created an indie cult following in the last several years following his departure as Mac DeMarco’s guitarist and the release of The Homeshake Tape in 2013. The group is currently touring their latest album Helium across the US.

Sagar’s sound is classically described as lofi R&B. His synth production and airy vocals create a stripped tenderness within his work. Many are attracted to the ease of his songs in musical era marked by overdone and saturated production.

Homeshake’s performance embodied their music March 27 night in way that might seem difficult for their relaxed R&B sound. The laid-back, late-night drive vibe translated through their nonchalance, in both their playing and demeanor. The only intermissions in their casualness came with the occasional, break-away solo of electric guitar.

Sagar himself was fittingly awkward the entire night. There was a simplicity in his attitude that can be appreciated through his music; both the artist and the sound shun any traditional claims to being exceptional yet find a subtle beauty in their distinctly genuine persona nonetheless.