IN PHOTOS: 24th Ave. and Vanderbilt Place intersection closed to traffic


Sarah Friedman, Senior Writer

The intersection of 24th Ave. and Vanderbilt Place, outside Branscomb Quadrangle, is closed to traffic due to continuing pipework related to the construction of the new residential colleges down the road.

Workers are laying new water lines to feed into the residential colleges, said Juan Gutierrez, a worker for Civil Constructors, a civil engineering company involved in the campus construction. An electrical and communication ductbank is also being installed, Project Manager Bob Grummon said.

The work outside of Branscomb will likely run until mid-February, Grummon said. A temporary sidewalk will soon be installed from the side door of Branscomb out to Vanderbilt Place in the meantime.

The $600 million residential college project, a large component of the ongoing FutureVU land use planning initiative, will be completed in 2023, in time for Vanderbilt’s one hundred and fiftieth anniversary.

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