Off-campus housing eligibility expands to third years

Sam Zern, Editor in Chief

Rising third and fourth year students will be eligible to apply for off campus housing for the 2019-20 year, according to Vanderbilt’s Office of Housing and Residential Education. In previous years, only students entering their fourth year or later were eligible to apply.

Off-Campus Housing Fair Flyer

According to Jim Kramka, Senior Director of Housing Operations, official notice about the housing assignment process will be made available soon. Students who are interested in learning more about off-campus housing options are invited to the Off-Campus Housing Fair on Nov. 7.

In the past, Vanderbilt housing administration has faced criticism for their approach to off-campus housing. A petition circulated last year, claiming that the university had reduced the number of off-campus spots available to students and calling for a change to university policy. The university denied that the policy had changed, saying that all unmarried undergraduate students are required to live on campus unless there is insufficient campus housing. It is not yet known the number of off-campus spots that will be available to students for the upcoming academic year.