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We must embrace our now-lame social lives this Halloween. (Hustler Communications/Emery Little)

LANGFORD: Halloween’s not dead… if you’re ready to embrace being a loser

October 21, 2020

A socially-distanced Halloween is not what anyone had planned, but it could be fun if we’re willing to try.

Zoom bombing screenshot

Student organizations experience “Zoom bombings” during recent meetings

September 30, 2020

The people responsible for two incidents have not been identified, and the affected organizations are moving forward with closer attendee monitoring.

Student experiencing WiFi issues

Campus-wide network outage affects student connectivity, resolved three hours later

September 29, 2020

Network outage leaves students unable to connect to Wi-Fi, attend class and submit Brightspace assignments and assessments.

Screenshot of webinar with Dr. Droegemeier

Dr. Kelvin Droegmeier discusses national research security policy in Sept. 25 Zoom webinar

September 26, 2020

Director of White House Science and Technology Policy delivers webinar on the security and integrity of the American research enterprise.

A student studies remotely

LANGFORD: Distance learning promotes accessibility and inclusivity. Here’s how.

September 22, 2020

Hypothesizing how educational changes due to social distancing requirements will positively impact colleges and universities in the future.

Screenshot of Zoom lecture

Q&A: Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Dr. Frances Arnold speaks to The Hustler about her inspiration and advice to students

September 18, 2020

Dr. Frances Arnold was awarded the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the directed evolution of enzymes.

Screenshot of Zoom lecture

Nobel Laureate Dr. Frances Arnold delivers 2020 Dr. John R. and Donna S. Hall Engineering Lecture via Zoom

September 18, 2020

Dr. Frances Arnold’s lecture was titled “Innovation by Evolution: bringing new chemistry to life” and centered on the principles and potential of directed evolution.

Paths along Vanderbilt's main campus (Hustler Multimedia/Alex Venero)

ABEL: In defense of doing absolutely nothing

September 6, 2020

Vanderbilt students are more than our high-functioning academic and extracurricular narratives; now is the time to take care of yourself.

The class of 2023 participated in a traditional Founder’s Walk, as they explored campus with their new friends and were welcomed by student organizations. (Hustler Multimedia/Hunter Long)

FELLAS: Class of 2024, COVID presents an opportunity to forge our own traditions

September 4, 2020

First-years can’t have a traditional Vanderbilt experience, so instead we should create our own.

Vanderbilt students and faculty faced unforeseen challenges on the first day of classes as the Zoom video conferencing platform experienced outages throughout the morning.

Widespread Zoom outages cause faculty and students to adapt first-day-of-class plans

August 24, 2020

Vanderbilt students, faculty and staff were notified of the outages via email this morning, and were told that Zoom had resolved the issue at 1:18 p.m. CDT.

Screenshot of Zoom call with incoming Chancellor Diermier on bottom, Veer Shah with Vanderbilt Zoom background in left top corner, and Bruce Evans in top right corner. Bruce and Diermeier are smiling

Incoming Chancellor Daniel Diermeier addresses Vanderbilt community via Zoom

June 3, 2020

The June 3 call, mediated by Student Body President Veer Shah and Board of Trust Chairman Bruce Evans, addressed Vanderbilt’s COVID-19 response and outlook for the future.

HOD interns and student teachers Zoom to graduation

HOD interns and student teachers Zoom to graduation

April 19, 2020

Students whose internships and student-teaching positions were disrupted by COVID-19 are still able to graduate on time and receive full credit.