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Vanderbilt plays Notre Dame on Saturday. September 15, 2018. (Photo by Hunter Long)

Vanderbilt students have every reason to show up to football games. So why won’t they?

September 20, 2018

In Tuesday's Vanderbilt Football press conference, I asked tight end Jared Pinkney a simple question. "What...

Vanderbilt Spring Game March 25, 2016 at Vanderbilt Stadium. Photo by Bosley Jarrett.

Vice Chancellor David Williams gives update on football/MLS stadium decisions

September 28, 2017

Vice Chancellor David Williams told the Vanderbilt Student Government Senate on Wednesday that the school...

Vanderbilt play Kansas State in Football on Saturday, September 16, 2017. Photo by Claire Barnett//The Vanderbilt Hustler.

VSG Senate to propose bill opposing off-campus football stadium

September 25, 2017

The Vanderbilt Student Government (VSG) Senate will discuss a bill opposing Vanderbilt Football's potential...