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What to expect at Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ concert film

Learn about everything from what songs are included to what you should wear to watch the movie.
Sara West
Taylor Swift onstage during the “Eras Tour” show in Nashville, Tennessee, as photographed on May 5, 2023. (Hustler Multimedia/Sara West)

After she embarked on her record-breaking “Eras Tour” in March 2023, Taylor Swift quickly took the world by storm, generating thousands of dollars for local economies and dominating social media. 

Despite playing three nights right here in Nashville and 52 shows total for the U.S. leg of the tour, the demand for tickets soared into the millions and unfortunately, many hopeful fans were unable to obtain a seat. However, Swifties all over the world had their “wildest dreams” fulfilled after she announced a concert film debuting in theaters on Oct. 13. 

As a long-time fan myself, I immediately purchased tickets. However, despite conducting my best TikTok deep dive, no one seemed to have a clear answer about movie etiquette. After attending the opening weekend, I compiled the answers to many burning questions below. 

What exactly does the movie include?

Swift’s in-person concert lasts nearly three and a half hours and incorporates 44 songs across each of her 10 “eras” or studio albums. However, to condense the show into a more digestible two-hour and fifty-minute running time, a handful of songs were cut from the film, much to the dismay of die-hard fans. These titles include “The Archer,” “cardigan” and “Wildest Dreams.” “Long Live” and “no body, no crime” with HAIM were also played at several shows throughout the tour but both are missing from the movie. Thankfully, the iconic acoustic set was spared. For each night she played a show, Swift played an acoustic version of two songs not on her setlist — one on piano and one on guitar. Footage for the concert film was recorded at her Los Angeles shows and, thus, “Our Song” and “You’re on Your Own, Kid” made the final cut.

Much to my disappointment, the movie did not include any exclusive or “behind-the-scenes” content. However, Swift does include a very heartfelt dedication to fans in the post-credits complete with clips full of ecstatic concert-goers. Make sure not to depart before they finish rolling if you are hoping to see it.

Etiquette do’s and don’ts

The biggest uncertainty going into the film was general etiquette. While many viewers might want to relive the concert experience, it is important to remember to be considerate to those around you and in neighboring theaters. Based on the consensus in my theater, here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when going to see the film. 

Do: Dress up and make friendship bracelets! An integral part of the concert experience was getting decked out in an eras-themed outfit, and the movie was no exception. While I rocked an NYC-inspired, 1989-era look, a quick search on Pinterest or TikTok will yield endless outfit inspiration. Trading friendship bracelets with fellow fans is another enjoyable tradition that spawned from the tour. Grab some beads and a few friends and assemble bracelets with your favorite songs, lyrics or niche Taylor Swift references to exchange with other movie-goers.  

Don’t: Be too afraid or shy to talk to strangers. One of the best parts about being a Taylor Swift fan is the community. In my experience, everyone attending the film was extremely friendly and more than happy to help take pictures, talk and trade bracelets during the post-movie downtime. 

Do: Sing and dance along in your seat. Whether you are a super fan who knows every song word for word or are a more casual enjoyer of her radio hits, there is bound to be at least one song that Swift performs that will get you moving. Singing at an appropriate volume level seemed to be encouraged and received favorably by the theater. There are even a few chants such as the famous “you forgive, you forget, but you never let it go” line during “Bad Blood” that you can research and partake in with the audience. 

Don’t: Stand up or dance in front of the screen. Standing up during the movie is very insensitive as you are almost guaranteed to block someone’s view. Part of the great thing about a concert film is that it makes the show more accessible to a wider variety of people. There are many reasons why someone may not be able to stand for an entire three-hour set. To promote an inclusive and equitable experience for all, you should take the personal responsibility to ensure that everyone can remain seated if they need to and still have a clear view of the show. 

Do: Arrive early and leave time for getting concessions and a poster. Unfortunately, my friend and I arrived very close to our showing time. The line to get concessions was nearly out of the door and the limited supply of miniature posters they were handing out had run out. Showing up around half an hour before your showtime, especially if you are in a larger group, will ensure the best experience.

Don’t: Scream loud enough to drown out Swift’s singing. While I previously mentioned that singing is encouraged, it is important to keep in mind that people are coming to hear Taylor Swift and not the audience. Many people who attended the concert in person lamented about how difficult it was to hear her at times over the crowd, an issue that the movie seeks to rectify. Unfortunately, the theater is not the time or place to scream at the top of your lungs. Save that energy for solo trips in the car. 

Where can I watch it?

Now that you know what to expect, seeing the movie is a mere walk away. The Belcourt Theatre, located in Hillsboro Village, is showing the movie throughout the week in the evenings and is within walking distance of campus. Plus, purchasing a ticket from them is an amazing way to support a local business that has a lot of history and is an integral part of the Nashville community. 

Many big-box theater companies including the Regal Cinemas in both Green Hills and Opry Mills malls also have showings for those who have transportation. You could even make a shopping day out of the occasion. 

No matter which route you end up taking, you are in for an “enchanting” experience that is sure to satisfy even those with the highest expectations.

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Marques Watson
Marques Watson, Staff Writer
Marques Watson (‘26) is majoring in elementary education in Peabody College. He is originally from Dallas, Texas. When not writing for The Hustler, Marques can be often found studying Spanish, reading a good mystery novel or scouring the internet for new vinyls to collect. He can be reached at [email protected]
Sara West
Sara West, Deputy Photography Editor
Sara West ('25) is majoring in psychology in the College of Arts and Science and human and organizational development in Peabody College. Sara loves going to concerts, thrifting and exploring new places. She was previously Deputy Photography Director and hopes to enter the music industry after graduating.  She can be reached at [email protected].
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George A.
7 months ago

The weaving of lyrics into the article is beautiful.

8 months ago

” …  the Regal Cinemas in both Green Hills and Opry Mills malls also have showings for those who have transportation …”

WEGO is a transportation option, with WIFI capability while you commute. Route #7 to Green Hills, #34 to Opry Mills.