IN PHOTOS: Bryce Vine’s “Serotonin Tour” definitely brought joy to the Nashville crowd

Bryce Vine played an incredible show of 26 songs at Marathon Music Works.


Nikita Rohila

Bryce Vine singing during his “Serotonin Tour” at Marathon Music Works, as photographed on March 28, 2023. (Hustler Multimedia/Nikita Rohila)

Sara West, Deputy Photography Director

The last time I saw Bryce Vine, he crowd-surfed on a pink flamingo pool float. I knew I was in for another great performance when I was on my way to watch him at Marathon Music Works on March 28. Upon entering the venue, the crowd was already in a good mood, with many dancing along to the preshow music that was playing. Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA” was definitely a crowd favorite. 

The show began with opener Malik Flint, who goes by bLAck pARty. He took the stage with an MC and performed a variety of songs. During “Bloom,” bLAck pARty graciously handed roses to fans in the crowd. The artist performed songs of a variety of genres during his performance, from R&B to his self-described “tropical funk.”

After bLAck pARty finished his set, a QR code appeared on the stage screen, inviting fans to enter to win a chance to go backstage. Many fans excitedly pulled out their phones to scan and enter in hopes that they would win the VIP experience. 

Just after 9 p.m. CDT, Vine took the stage and began with his hit “Where The Wild Things Are.” He continued with others, such as “Miss You a Little” and “I’m Not Alright.” In case anyone in the audience was not well versed in Vine’s discography, he covered Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness,” a classic hit that had everyone in the crowd singing and dancing along. 

Vine never ran out of energy throughout the night, continually encouraging fans to do the same by jumping around and having fun. During “Bella,” Vine threw the microphone into the crowd and let a fan sing part of the song. 

Vine kept going, song after song, ensuring that everyone in the crowd heard their favorites. My personal top picks are “Nowhere Man,” “Glamorama” and “Sunflower Seeds,” all of which Vine performed at the show. 

Vine ended the set with “Guilty Pleasure” but soon ran back on-stage to perform an encore. He played “La La Land” and “Sour Patch Kids” to close out the night. Including the encore, Vine sang a total of 26 songs, proving just how many hits he has released and his willingness to perform a great show for his fans. His show truly lived up to the name of the tour, bringing everyone in the crowd a bit more “Serotonin.”