IN PHOTOS: Ricky Montgomery makes an electric Nashville debut

Indie-pop artist Ricky Montgomery put on a memorable performance in his first Nashville concert.


Geena Han

Ricky Montgomery performs at the Brooklyn Bowl, captured on October 2, 2022. (Hustler Multimedia/Geena Han)

Geena Han, Staff Photographer

In returning to campus this year, I decided that I had to go to more concerts. I promised myself that I would seize the opportunities to do so in Music City. One August afternoon, I found out that Ricky Montgomery was coming to Nashville on his Overtime Tour, and I knew I had to go.

Opening for Ricky Montgomery was Delaney Bailey, a singer-songwriter from Indiana. She captivated the crowd with her soft, ballad-esque songs that I thought would set the mood for the concert. Little did I know how wrong I would be.

Montgomery brought the crowd alive with his opening song “Talk to You.” Going into the concert, I was more familiar with Montgomery’s earlier songs that are much more laid-back, so I was pleasantly taken aback with his more energetic presence on stage.

My favorite part about the concert was Montgomery’s interactions with the crowd. During his performance, he took pictures with fans, put on hats that audience members brought for him and had conversations with attendees. At one point, he jumped down from the stage and ran through the pit area, allowing fans to get even closer to him. I’ve never been to a concert that was so interactive.

As the concert was wrapping up, the disappointment in the room was palpable; the audience wanted more. Following the announcement of his last song, Montgomery cartwheeled off stage, but of course, after an enthusiastic request for an encore, he returned to continue performing. His final song of the night was my personal favorite, “Mr. Loverman.” 

Ricky Montgomery will continue his Overtime Tour throughout the U.S. and Canada, featuring shows that will undoubtedly be as memorable and exciting as the one I was fortunate enough to attend.