Hot Girl Tech: Beta Version (Pilot Episode)

Two women in tech sharing what brought them into engineering.


Soha Bhutta

Hot Girl Tech Cover

Soha Bhutta and Vienna Parnell

For girls, breaking into tech can be hard. From imposter syndrome to toxic working environments, women often have to jump through a lot of hoops to pursue their interests. As aspiring engineers at Vanderbilt University, Vienna Parnell and Soha Bhutta enjoy having candid discussions about the highs and lows of their academic lives. From this shared passion emerges Hot Girl Tech: a podcast dedicated to making technology more accessible, understandable, and fun for people of all backgrounds. Join us every other week as we discuss the latest innovations in the tech industry and reflect on our own experiences as women in STEM—all while staying hot.

In this mini-episode, we’ll dive into the inspiration behind this podcast. You’ll get the full backstory on how we met, what brought us to engineering, and maybe even a little sneak peek into what we’re discussing in future episodes.