VU Sports Wired, Sept. 12: Vanderbilt football winning streak snaps

VU Sports Wired dives deep into Vanderbilt soccer’s strong start and Mike Wright’s lackluster performance against Wake Forest.


Vanderbilt Video Productions

VU Sports Wired returns for their second episode of the school year (Vanderbilt Video Productions).

Bobby Kent and Andrew Wilf

In this episode of VU Sports Wired, the hosts analyze what went wrong in Vanderbilt’s 45-25 loss to Wake Forest. The Deamon Deacons forced three Commodore turnovers, which proved too much for Vanderbilt to overcome. This weekend, Clark Lea’s Commodores head to DeKalb, Illinois to face off against the Northern Illinois Huskies. In other news, Bobby Kent and Andrew Wilf speak about the Vanderbilt soccer team’s 6-0-1 start to the season.