IN PHOTOS: Faye Webster and Maya Hawke brought peace and good vibes to the Brooklyn Bowl

Faye Webster ran away with my heart faster than Mesprit ran away from an encounter.


Miguel Beristain

Faye Webster during her performance at the Brooklyn Bowl, captured August 22, 2022 (Hustler Multimedia/Miguel Beristain)

Miguel Beristain, Multimedia Deputy Director

Two days before the first day of classes, I put on my flower boots and dinosaur shirt, grabbed my camera and made my way to the Brooklyn Bowl. Atlanta-based indie star Faye Webster and “Stranger Things” lead Maya Hawke performed sets that filled our hearts with a feeling of longing for love lost and healing for a better future.

Hawke’s set was full of fun and easy-going songs, drawing in the audience with her smooth vocals and charisma. She played a set full of unreleased songs which will be found on her upcoming album “MOSS,” which will be released on Sept. 23. My favorites of the set were “Thérèse” and “Luna Moth.” She ended the night off with a cover of “Dirt” by Florida-Georgia Line: an unexpected but welcome moment in Music City.

When Webster was given Pokémon cards by a fan, I felt an honest connection with her and the crowd as a lifelong Pokémon fan. She then blew my mind by playing her favorite Pokémon song—“Lake Verity” from the incredible Pokémon Diamond (my first Pokémon game), Pearl and Platinum games.  I grew up listening to this song. . Another of my favorite songs performed this night was “Jonny,” which details being in a relationship where you don’t know if the other person recognizes the harm they’re causing you. 

For her last song of the night, Faye played her hit “Kingston.” It had the whole crowd screaming the line, “He said baby, that’s what he called me, I love you.”