A look into Bright Shade: Nashville’s latest up-and-coming music and arts festival

The festival, founded entirely by Nashville college students, offers a new opportunity for rising artists to perform and connect.


Bright Shade Music & Arts Festival

Nashville’s newest music festival will be held on April 30, 2022. (Photo courtesy of Bright Shade Music & Arts Festival)

Blythe Bouza, Staff Writer

As Nashville becomes exceedingly sunnier, it’s only fitting that music festival season is now upon us. If you’re looking for something to do this Saturday before finals, Bright Shade Fest has you covered.

Bright Shade was founded in 2021 as a collaboration between The Music Room (a music collective for Vanderbilt students) and Live at Lindell, a local outdoor concert series. According to its website, Bright Shade will be an “immersive, single day music and artistic experience.” The goal of the festival is to bring live music back to the forefront and as a vehicle to bring people together.

Speaking of bringing everyone together, there will be a wide array of musicians performing at the festival. Headlining is The Voice competitor Jordy Searcy along with other popular local groups such as Vacation Manor and Carver Commodore. Vanderbilt’s own Edgehill will be performing their indie-rock classics as well. 

In addition to music, there will be a wide array of art and apparel vendors including Adam Budd, Marie Renaudin, Stoke Design Co., Madelow Clothing, Tree Lily Butcher and Tristi Designs. They will also be joined by drink vendors such as Fat Bottom Brews and Ranch Rider Spirits among others.

Upon discussing Bright Shade, President of The Music Room Christiana Gatbunton says, “I’m excited that some of our Music Room students get to play at the festival alongside some big-name artists. I’m so proud of everyone for pulling through and doing their part to get this going! And it’s an honor to work with Live at Lindell to put this on.”

Keep up with  Bright Shade’s Instagram for more details about artist times and any related updates. Bright Shade takes place this Saturday, April 30, at OneCity in Nashville. Tickets may be purchased here