Tiny Dorm Concerts: Amelia Day with “Silhouette”

We spoke (and listened) to sophomore Amelia Day about her latest release and future music goals.

Sophie Edelman, Music Correspondent

Singer-songwriter Amelia Day, a sophomore from Washington state majoring in English and minoring in music, sang her latest original single “Silhouette” for Hustler Tiny Dorm Concerts.

“It’s one of my most recent songs, and it’s kind of inspired by personal events,” Day said. “It’s one of those songs that once I started writing it, I created this character I was singing to in my mind, definitely out of my usual songwriting style. It’s got a little more edge to it.”

Day got her start in music at five years old with piano lessons, with her teacher still an active member of her music development.

“My piano teacher actually just came to my most recent show, and she’s been a huge inspiration in improvising, loving music and getting started in creating music instead of just playing rote scores I’m given,” Day said.

Day also explained she plays mostly indie, folk and Americana-based styles of music, taking some inspirations from jazz and rock as well.

“I’m really influenced by older artists like Joni Mitchell, Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles of course, some more recent artists being Dodie, Pamplemousse, Bon Iver,” Day said. 

Day is also an active artist for Vanderbilt’s The Music Room, the student music collective for whom she acts as community and campus outreach chair.

“I also work with the Vandy Recording Studio, and I’m pretty involved with Blair and a cappella groups there,” Day said. 

Fans of Day’s angelic voice—which you’re sure to be after watching her Tiny Dorm Concert—can look forward to a few singles she’ll be releasing this winter as well as her EP set to be released this spring.