College Voices: Fresh off the plane

International students share their experiences moving to the United States: learning new slang, discovering their (least) favorite American food and discovering unknown academic interests.

Every year, students from across the world travel thousands of miles away from their families and friends to come study in the United States.

They are in a new environment, speaking a language that is not their first and learning the customs of a culture that is not their own.

On this episode, College Voices reporter Nour Abida asks four international students about their experiences making friends, going to classes and generally adapting to life in the United States.

We’re trying a new roundtable format with this episode, so let us know what you think below!

This special episode was moderated by our reporter, Nour Abida and produced by Brynn Jones. Abhinav Krishnan is our Host and Blair McDonald is our Managing Producer. Our logo was designed by Emery Little.

All of the music in this episode was produced by Axletree and used under a Creative Commons License.

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