Inside the mind of Remi Wolf: “Juno” review

Remi Wolf’s debut album “Juno” hit streaming services on Oct. 15. Here’s what it’s all about.

Natalie Vitols, Staff Writer

Remi Wolf’s latest album “Juno” is full of fun and unique songs with playful lyrics.

Remi Wolf’s debut studio album, entitled “Juno,”  is full of fun and unique songs with playful lyrics. ” The nature of her music translates onto the album’s bright and trippy cover, guaranteeing the listener a wild ride. 

Remi Wolf’s musical style is revolutionary in many ways. Her upbeat and groovy instrumentation pairs well against her powerful and beautiful vocal abilities. Her lyrics mix both witty jokes and clever lines with emotion and stories about her life, making it clear that Wolf does not take herself too seriously. 

Wolf released her first EP “You’re a Dog!” in 2019 and her second EP “I’m Allergic to Dogs!” in 2020, so she is fairly new to the music scene. However, this beginner status has not stopped Wolf from taking over the indie-pop genre, garnering over 4.5 million monthly Spotify listeners. She has been taking off over these past couple of years and it has been interesting watching her journey as a young artist. 

The album starts off with the song “Liquor Store” which is vibrant while also touching on a more serious part of Wolf’s life. The lyrics shine a light on Remi’s struggle with alcoholism: “You can go if you want to but you know my mind will be walking a tightrope.” This song is a classic for Wolf as it has her upbeat funk and outlandish lyrics, but also shows something a little deeper if one takes a closer look. 

Another favorite of mine on the album is “Front Tooth.” Wolf sings about how her life and relationship don’t feel like they’re supposed to. I think that this is one of the most relatable songs on the album as everyone has felt lost in these areas at some point. Much of the album touches on Wolf’s experiences and struggles of life in her 20s which appeals a lot to her primarily younger audience. Wolf combines her wittiness and emotion by singing, “But it don’t feel like like it’s supposed to. Yeah, this still feels like a Conor McGregor fight kicking out my front tooth.”

The album closes out with one of Wolf’s most mellow songs “Street You Live On.” If you shy away from the crazy out-of-the-box psychedelic hits she usually puts out, this one might be for you. While it may be a little more pedestrian than some of her other songs, I still think this a great addition to the album. By creating a more understated beat and lyrics, Remi Wolf shows off the amazing quality of her voice. Wolf sings about the troubles of getting over someone and how it can be hard to try and avoid them while also being drawn to them. I think that this song can be relatable and approachable for a wide audience and is a great way to round out the album.

“Juno” is overall a great debut album for Remi Wolf that showcases her talents wonderfully. I believe that anyone can find something they love about Remi’s music. For me, this is a no-skip album and I recommend everyone check it out if you haven’t yet.

“Juno” is out now on Spotify and Apple Music.