Fall finally hits Nashville: My autumn morning routine

It’s fall in Nashville; so what? Here are some changes to expect now that the weather’s finally doing what we want it to.


Zoe Yarbrough

It’s fall, y’all! (Hustler Multimedia/Zoe Yarbrough)

Caroline Lingle, Staff Writer

The leaves outside Scomb have turned orange and red, squirrels won’t leave us alone and Suzie’s chai lattes are everywhere. Fall is here! Finally!

Though fall does entail some big changes to our daily routines, even the smallest things in my morning have undergone transformations as well. For example, I have a mini gourd in my room and can’t stop buying pumpkin-flavored sparkling water (it tastes awful but looks so cute on my bar cart). But what else has really changed? Now that fall is upon us, I’m here to explain some changes to my morning routine that might prove essential as you reconsider your own.

I start each morning with a tall glass of water to re-energize and hydrate during the cooler and drier weather. If you suffer from dry, cracked skin or lips during this time of year, know that hydration can be one of the most beneficial ways to address this. And now that it’s finally pumpkin spice latte (PSL) season, of course I help myself to a Dunkin Pumpkin Keurig K-Cup while I check my Yakarma.

Now that temperatures have dropped, I really enjoy moving my body outdoors. With temps in the 40s and 50s, my early morning half marathon training flies by, especially now that I can wear leggings. My favorite lululemon dupes from Amazon hit so different in this weather and won’t break the bank—you can thank me later. Or, check out CRZ Yoga for the best crop tops and leggings for this in-between fall weather. Once I’m all dressed, I head outside to enjoy the picture-perfect fall foliage on my favorite running routes through Centennial Park or Love Circle. If I don’t run, I spoil myself with a hot yoga class at Shakti Power Yoga.

One thing fall can’t fix is that there are few things less refreshing than a Lupton shower in the morning. I just can’t bring myself to praise the mold and hair-themed pop art that coats the shower walls—but, following my “shower,” I hydrate and nourish my drier fall skin with rejuvenating facial oil. Trust me, if you celebrate your skin this time of year, it will celebrate you right back. 

Down the street from Branscomb, Grins finally offers their seasonal specials, and the walk (for me, at least) could not be easier. There’s no better way to start an autumn morning on campus than with a sausage cheese quiche or a French toast casserole. Don’t worry about having to wake up early, though; Grins offers fall specials like chili, pumpkin soup and sweet potatoes at lunch and dinner, too. 

Once I’m (finally) dressed, clean and ready for the day, I make sure to stop in some of my favorite cozy study spots. If you’re looking for somewhere quiet to really grind, the Harry Potter vibes in the E. Bronson Ingram Great Room (affectionately called the library) prove unmatched this time of year. But if I don’t need to focus quite as much, I stop in the baseball glove lounge in Sarratt to get a little work done before class. There’s something about those dim lights and tinted floor-to-ceiling windows that feel just so ~autumn~ to me. If neither of those options get your studying goat, check out the Divinity Library attached to Central. That section of the library boasts a quiet, warm environment that perfectly complements the newly changing weather.

It’s fall, y’all. How will your morning routine change?