Headphones in, campus out: What are Vandy students listening to?

Hustler Life staffers interviewed students to find out what broadcasts through their earphones while they tread through Music City.


Your new favorite playlist. Screenshot from Spotify. (Hustler Staff/Eva Pace)

Sophie Edelman and Oghosa Omobude

When you wander around campus, all solo Commodores do one thing the same: we have our headphones in and are tuned out. In a sea of earbuds, each student’s independent soundtrack for life remains concealed from the unplugged observer. The Hustler Life staff took it upon ourselves to discover what tracks were trending throughout the campus during a typical lunch rush, walk to your spit test, or a mindful stroll. 

We found tunes that span far beyond your typical Nashville country, hitting bases in genres anywhere from EDM to underground rap. Below, we compiled a Spotify playlist of answers we received. Comment below your most rewinded tracks for this spring and follow our playlist to figure out what a walk through campus sounds like to all your fellow Commodores.