College Voices: DSG: Disconnected Student Government

Staff Writer Abhinav Krishnan sits down with members of VSG to discuss the fragmented relationship between its members and the student body it serves.

Abhinav Krishnan, Staff Writer

Vanderbilt Student Government (VSG) is responsible for policymaking on issues relevant to student life, yet a feeling of indifference about the organization pervades much of the student body. Among students, there is a perception that VSG fails to accomplish its goals, even though VSG members can clearly articulate their accomplishments with regard to legislation. 

A disconnect exists between students and the government that is supposed to represent them, leaving some feeling confused about the role of VSG in the first place. On this episode, Abhinav Krishnan speaks to students and VSG members alike about why this disconnect exists, and what can be done to remedy it. 

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