College Voices: One Step at a Time

Staff Writer Abhinav Krishnan sits down with Matthew Gang and Nora Smith to learn more about the path Next Steps has been on since March 2020.


Emery Little

College Voices graphic featuring empty text bubbles. (Hustler Multimedia/Emery Little)

Abhinav Krishnan, Staff Writer

Next Steps helps students on their life paths: but what happens when a pandemic prevents students from coming to campus? Inspired by Deputy Opinion Editor Nora Smith’s coverage of the organization’s adaptations to COVID-19, Abhinav Krishnan debuts The Hustler ‘College Voices’ podcast, as he learns more about what the organization has been like in a virtual landscape.

Zoom fatigue, fewer hands-on activities and missing friends make this year feel a bit different from years past for Next Steps students. Click the play button on the Spotify insert to listen!

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