The Hustler Sports 30 on VandyRadio: State of the SEC, football faces Kentucky, soccer heads to SEC Tournament

The Hustler Sports 30 podcast discusses mass postponements in the SEC, football’s upcoming matchup with Kentucky and soccer’s SEC Tournament outlook.


Ken Seals lines up under center against Ole Miss on Oct. 31, 2020. (Hustler Multimedia/Truman McDaniel)

On this week’s episode of the Hustler Sports 30, Simon Gibbs, Alyssa Muir, Betsy Goodfriend and Justin Hershey discuss an apparent COVID-19 outbreak in the SEC, which led to four games being cancelled. Vanderbilt football’s game appears safe—at least, for now—so the hosts break down the Commodores’ latest loss and preview their matchup against Kentucky. Finally, they move on to Vanderbilt soccer, the first Vanderbilt program to head to the postseason in the fall of 2020.

1:27 — What worries you the most about these four postponements in the SEC, and do you think Vanderbilt will make it through the season?

5:31 — Simon recaps Vanderbilt’s loss to Ole Miss, a game in which the Commodores seemed to have won just about every statistical battle—except turnovers.

6:48 — The crew discusses Vanderbilt’s five turnovers and why it should be seen as such a red flag for the Commodores offense.

13:38 — What’s next for Vanderbilt football as they head to Kentucky? Can the Commodores return to Nashville with their first win of the season?

20:42 — Heading into a first-round SEC Tournament matchup against Mississippi State, do you think Vanderbilt soccer can make some noise in Orange Beach?