The Hustler Sports 30 on VandyRadio: Soccer picks up a win, VandyBoys compete in Black and Gold, Football practices

The Hustler Sports 30 podcast is back to discuss Vanderbilt soccer’s huge win, among other topics.


Vanderbilt baseball competes in its 2020 Black and Gold Series. (Hustler Multimedia/Hunter Long)

On this week’s episode of the Hustler Sports 30, Simon Gibbs, Alyssa Muir, Betsy Goodfriend and Justin Hershey are back to discuss Vanderbilt soccer’s 2-1 overtime victory over Florida, along with what’s to come for Darren Ambrose and the Commodores.

In a rather quiet week in Commodore sports, the hosts then recap Vanderbilt baseball’s Black and Gold Series and touch on football’s absence.


Here are some highlights from the show:

2:30 — Vanderbilt soccer picks up its first win since the season opener. What, if anything, has changed in this team?

7:10 — Heading into their final three regular season games,  does Vanderbilt soccer have room to improve?

12:00 — Betsy recaps Game One of the three-game Black and Gold Series, as the Black team took a series lead with an 8-7 victory.

14:30 — Simon recaps Game Two of the Black and Gold Series, where the Gold team evened up the series with a 5-2 win.

16:58 — Alyssa recaps Game Three of the Black and Gold Series, where the Black team won 9-8.

19:09 — The hosts each highlight a Vandy Boy that had a great weekend and could contribute in 2021.

25:52 — The show concludes with a brief discussion on Vanderbilt football and its next opponent, Ole Miss, despite the game not being until Oct. 31.