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35 years of Mario Bros: what to expect from the anniversary celebration

Mario has been running and jumping into our hearts since 1985, and it’s time to celebrate. Check out our rundown of the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary celebration for all the can’t-miss events and games.
Graphic by Nintendo

Everyone’s favorite overalls-wearing plumber is 35 years old this year. While he probably won’t be running for President anytime soon, Nintendo has announced an exciting lineup of games and remasters, collaborative projects with clothing brands and other surprises in a months-long anniversary campaign to celebrate the one and only Mario (and his brother Luigi, of course). Here’s what you need to know about the 35th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros.


New Games

“Super Mario 3D All-Stars”

Whether or not video games are your thing, chances are you’ve played at least one of the three classic games coming to Nintendo Switch in the highly anticipated (and widely rumored) Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection. Set to release Sept. 18, the collection includes fan-favorites “Super Mario 64,” “Super Mario Sunshine” and “Super Mario Galaxy,” with upgraded visuals that make the most of the Switch’s hardware capabilities. However, this game will become limited edition rather quickly, as Nintendo plans to take it off the market when the anniversary event ends March 2021. In the meantime, we can only wonder what happened to “Super Mario Galaxy 2.” What’s up with that, Nintendo?

“Super Mario All-Stars”

Subscribers to the Nintendo Switch Online service will be happy to hear that a new collection of 2D Mario classics from the SNES era (the Super Nintendo Entertainment System of the 90s) is now freely available as part of the extensive digital catalogue. This collection includes “Super Mario Bros.,” “Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels,” “Super Mario Bros. 2” and “Super Mario Bros. 3.” Get excited for platformer pandemonium with these retro games!

Pictured here is the full collection of games in the Mario franchises now playable on the Nintendo Switch system. Graphic by Nintendo

“Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury”

The Wii U multiplayer platform “Super Mario 3D World” is being deluxified for the Nintendo Switch with an all-new bonus level pack titled “Bowser’s Fury,” set to release Feb. 12, 2021. With this announcement, almost every major headliner from the often-overlooked Wii U system has now been ported to the Switch. Rest in peace, Wii U. We salute your planned obsolescence.

“Super Mario Bros. 35”

If the wacky retro-classic-meets-battle-royale gameplay of “Tetris 99” surprised you, get ready for “Super Mario Bros. 35”—a competitive multiplayer version of Super Mario Bros. where you square off against 34 other players to be the last Mario standing. The battle royale sidescroller will be free to play for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, but, confusingly, it will only be playable from Oct. 1 until the anniversary event ends in March 2021.

“Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit”

Ever wanted to host a Mario Kart race where the track was your living room floor and the obstacles were your furniture? Now you can, with “Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit,” an augmented reality version of the popular racing game in which RC karts race around your home on virtually-mapped tracks. Use your street smarts when the game debuts Oct. 16.

“Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.”

A neat and kitschy addition to the lineup, this special edition mini-console will feature a playable version of the original Super Mario Bros. (and the Lost Levels) and a Mario-ified version of the Game & Watch game “Ball,” among other hidden Easter eggs of the series—including a functioning alarm clock, for some reason. The console will be released Nov. 13, just in time for stocking stuffers.


Special Events in Other Games

Plenty of other Nintendo headliners plan to get in on the anniversary fun. In multiplayer online, “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” will host a Mario-themed tournament throughout November and December, and “Splatoon 2” has arranged a Mario-themed Splatfest Jan. 2021. “Mario Kart Tour” will host a special tour featuring 16-bit Mario and Donkey Kong Jr. in mid-September. Additionally, “Super Mario Maker 2” will open an anniversary-themed Ninji Speedruns course in November, and “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” will unveil a Mario-themed furniture collection March 2021.


Other Products

Nintendo unveiled many new games as part of the 35th anniversary celebration, including a remastered collection of old hits and an augmented reality Mario Kart game. Graphic by Nintendo

Board Games and Entertainment

Nintendo is particularly proud of its recent venture into the Lego world, with a wide range of Lego Mario sets and the Lego NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) console spotlighted as part of the anniversary celebration. Sales are to be expected on this front, as well as on Super Mario Monopoly or the newly-announced Super Mario Jenga.

Clothing Lines

Special “historic” items and 35th Anniversary-themed merchandise will make an appearance at the Nintendo New York store—as well as Nintendo’s online store—including limited-edition Splatfest t-shirts and keychains. Be on the lookout for other clothing collaborations as well, such as the Nintendo x Puma RS-Dreamer Super Mario 64 sneaker or the BlackMilk Super Mario collection. Find out more at the official 35th Anniversary website.


There’s truly something for everyone in the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary celebration. So whether you’re a dedicated super fan or someone who just enjoys a good round of Mario Kart every once in a while, be sure to show the iconic red-capped hero some love these next few months. As the man himself might say, here we go!


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