The Women’s Network to start a new chapter at Vanderbilt University

A women-led networking organization, The Women’s Network connects students to professional leaders in all careers.


Emily Gonçalves

Vanderbilt’s Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center, pictured above, is an affirming space for women in the Vanderbilt community. It will look to further this mission by working with one of Vanderbilt’s newest organizations, The Women’s Network. (Hustler Multimedia/Emily Gonçalves)

Logan Cromeens, Deputy News Editor

The Women’s Network (TWN), founded by Jamie Vinick at Syracuse University, is launching a new chapter at Vanderbilt this year. 

According to their mission statement, TWN hopes to “create a community of women that celebrates the desire to achieve, cultivating their ambition in order to prepare the next generation of leaders.” 

Vinick said in an email to The Hustler she is looking forward to Vanderbilt women being able to join such a collective and constructive group.  

“I’m excited for women across the Vanderbilt campus to have access to our network and an opportunity to meet fellow ambitious, intelligent and driven women in a non-competitive environment,” Vinick said in the email. 

Vinick cited the power of both social media and “word-of-mouth marketing” as the reasons for TWN coming to Vanderbilt.

Many of the newest board members heard about TWN through social media, specifically Instagram,” Vinick said. “We held national events throughout the summer, and many Vanderbilt students attended and began sharing more information with friends on campus.”

One of these new board members for the Vanderbilt chapter, sophomore Alexa Cohen, said she is ready to take advantage of the unique networking capabilities TWN provides. 

“For me, this organization provides me with an opportunity to connect with more women across campus no matter what their majors or interests are,” Cohen said. “Also, because The Women’s Network is a national organization, members have the ability to network with women on college campuses across the country.” 

Director of Vanderbilt’s Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center Rory Dicker remarked on the benefits TWN could offer students and is ready to collaborate with the organization in the future.

“The Women’s Network could be a useful resource for students, particularly when paired with resources that exist on campus, such as the Career Center,” Dicker said in an email to The Hustler. “[The Women’s Center] would be happy to work with The Women’s Network, as they develop a presence on our campus.”

Upcoming TWN programming includes resume workshops, virtual networking events, internship panels and more. The dates for these events are still being determined by the newly-selected board members.