The Belcourt offers a unique theatrical experience with drive-in screenings

The local theatre transforms its parking lot into a makeshift moviegoer’s paradise.


Hunter Long

The Belcourt Theatre in Hillsboro.

Brendan Sawyer, Staff Writer

If you’ve found yourself walking down Belcourt Avenue in the past week, you may have noticed what looks like a 2D bouncy castle standing proud in the Belcourt Theatre’s parking lot. This inflatable screen has become the theatre’s greatest attraction, as they’ve decided to host drive-in screenings of classic films. 

That’s right, for the price of $30 ($25 if you’re a Belcourt member) you and any willing roomies (or those outside of your living unit, with masks on of course) can hole up in a car and enjoy such classics as “The Matrix,” “The Yellow Submarine”  and “Vertigo.” Well, you can’t see those exact movies, because every announced show is sold out. But fear not, the Belcourt plans on continuing their drive-in run every weekend until they can open their doors. 

The screenings are complete with 50’s era popcorn ads, FM radio audio, concessions and trailers for future screenings. While it may not be a traditional movie-going experience, it’s a much needed outing in these tumultuous times. 

A couple of tips: members get first dibs on these scarce parking spots, so a membership may be a wise investment if you’re committed to seeing a movie outside your dorm. You get discounts on snacks and drinks, too. 

If you’ve got friends in the backseat, I’d recommend not showing up right as the lot opens. A front row spot in the back of car makes it incredibly difficult to see a majority of the screen. I spent the majority of “North by Northwest” in a quasi “Seated Forward Bend” pose that left me with a stiff neck for a few days. 

So, instead of risking the wellbeing of you and the ones you love to see “Tenet” in a normal theatre, why not sit comfortably in your own car to catch a Hitchcock classic? Keep your eyes peeled on Belcourt’s website for the next round of screenings and enjoy a sense of cinematic normalcy this semester.