Graduate student passes away

Yao volunteered with students in Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools.


Mattigan Kelly

Dozens of students who plan to live in residential halls like Cole Hall could end up displaced or face financial burdens if Vanderbilt changes its plans at the last minute. (Hustler Multimedia/Mattigan Kelly)

Jessica M. Barker, News Editor

Graduate student Ruonan Yao passed away this morning after being struck by a vehicle crossing West End Avenue on the afternoon of June 16, according to an email sent from Associate Provost and Dean of Students Mark Bandas.

The email further states that Yao was in her second year of study in Human Development Counseling and was preparing to be a school counselor. Yao also volunteered with students in Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools and was involved in the Vanderbilt Undergraduate Chinese Association, Peabody MAZE Chapter and Iris Journal of Scholarship.

From Guangzhou, China, Yao completed her undergraduate degree at Sun Yat-Sen University. She moved to Nashville for her Peabody Masters degree.

The District Attorney’s Office will work in conjunction to determine any charges with the final findings to the investigation per WSMV News4 Nashville.

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Students may contact the University Counseling Center at 615-322-2571 to speak with an on-call mental health provider. Other support services include Student Care Coordination, Center for Student Wellbeing, Office of Religious Life and Griefnet.