Shah/Ahmed and Bauman/Rome tickets advance into general election for VSG President and VP

General elections will be held from Tuesday, March 24 at 8 a.m. CST until Wednesday, March 25 at 12 p.m. CST.

Jessica M. Barker, Deputy News Editor

Veer Shah and Jared Bauman are officially the two VSG presidential candidates.

After the virtual primary election held from March 19 through March 20, tickets Shah (President) & Shun Ahmed (Vice President) and Bauman (P) & Jacob Rome (VP) will advance to the general election held from March 24 through March 25. Voting will occur on Anchorlink.

The primary election had 2,534 total votes. The other two tickets, Syed Rahman (P) & Bryce Collings (VP) and James Cannon (P) and Parker Byers (VP) saw 5.44 and 1.26 percent of the votes, respectively. Write-in candidates earned 1.26 percent of votes.

“I’m super, super proud of all the support we received,” Shah said. “I think this was a really big statement showing that a majority of the students who voted do support us.”

Veer Shah and Shun Ahmed (Photo credit campaign Instagram account @veerandshun)

Shah also said that he prided himself in providing a “truly university-wide platform” where students could share ideas that he could take action in. Shah continued by saying that both his and Ahmed’s past as members of VSG prove that their platform is built off of more than just promises, but it builds on things that they already accomplished during what he describes as one of the most successful years for VSG yet.

Bauman said that his platform contrasted with the Shah/Ahmed ticket in that his primary focus was being the voice for students who felt ignored by previous bodies of VSG. He continued by saying that their campaign has always been built on clear proposals such as radical financial inclusivity, transparency within VSG and reform.

Jared Bauman and Jacob Rome (Photo credit campaign Instagram account @baumanromeforvsg)

“We were definitely excited by the results and incredibly proud of the support and the team that helped us get past this primary,” Bauman said. “We are excited to move forward, and our main focus here is getting people that feel ignored by VSG to be part of the conversation.”