LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Introducing the news section

This semester, the campus section, which covers not only all things Vandy, but Nashville news as well, will become the news section.

Rachel Friedman, Editor In Chief

Dear Vanderbilt,

Last semester, we made progress in our coverage of Vanderbilt and the greater community. From explaining a new Tennessee Medicaid block grant proposal to interviewing the founder of Politicon and covering Governor Lee’s reversal on his position on a statue of KKK leader Nathan Bedford Forrest, we have made an intentional effort to extend our reach beyond the bounds of Vanderbilt’s campus.

We hope to continue such growth and diversity in coverage. Vanderbilt students are heavily invested on campus, but they are involved and interested in so much more. From politics to social change, we want to be the first outlet you can turn to when learning about what’s going on in your Nashville community, even if that isn’t between West End and 21st Ave.

In recognition of our previous and future efforts, we are changing the name of our Campus section to the News section. We aren’t limited to covering Vanderbilt-exclusive issues, and we want that to be clear to you. And the name will serve as a reminder for us on staff of our duty to be diverse and representative in our coverage of not just campus news, but all relevant news.

Thank you, Vandy, for reading our news coverage, if you do. And if you haven’t yet, I implore you to do so. We’ve grown substantially in size and strength (our News section has more than doubled in size since last year, thanks to the efforts of News Editor Eva Durchholz and News Deputy Editors Immanual John Milton and Jessica Barker). They are working every single day to bring you the best news, and they’re doing a pretty great job at it.

And to be clear, we are still committed to covering on-campus issues, updates and events. In fact, we are trying really hard to improve at that, too. If you have ideas for us to improve our coverage, email us


Have a great semester, Vanderbilt!


Rachel Friedman

Editor in Chief of The Vanderbilt Hustler