Hidden gem study spots on and off campus

Buttrick’s basement, Cafe Coco and Cohen Memorial Hall are just some of the spots worth a visit during this finals season


Emery Little

Studying can be tedious enough, here are some of our favorite study spots on campus to liven up finals season.

Brendan Sawyer and Sahanya Bhaktaram

With the end of the semester right around the corner (yes, we went there), it can be challenging to find the motivation needed to finish this last stretch on a strong note. Sometimes dorm room studying just won’t cut it– so we put together some of our favorite places to camp out this finals season.


Buttrick Basement

Did you know Buttrick has a basement? No? Neither did we. Vanderbilt’s Cinema & Media Arts program is located down there and got a much-needed face lift last summer. The new and improved basement is sleek, quiet and loaded with computers and outlets, making it an ideal spot to post up pre-finals. We especially recommend the booth tucked away in the common-room’s corner. 


Cohen Memorial Hall

Cohen Memorial Hall is worth the trek over to commons for a more aesthetically pleasing study session. (Photo by Sahanya Bhaktaram)

Home to art history classes and an art gallery itself, this aesthetically pleasing environment may be just what you need to get the creative juices flowing. There’s a hall with tables on the first floor as well as some lounge seating on the second. Due to limited space, we wouldn’t recommend a group study session here. However, Cohen is the perfect place to go when you need some alone time. 


Cafe Coco

It has been said that when the seniors were living on Commons almost four years ago, Cafe Coco was the place to be. As of late, the secluded eatery has become less of a hot spot and we’re not sure why. Cafe Coco is on the card, open 24/7, has great wifi, better coffee than Munchie Mart and an atmosphere that’s hard to beat. The quaint cafe even has a bar loaded with the latest cocktails and craft brews for our 21+ readers if finals really have you burnt out. While it’s a bit of a walk depending where you are on campus and is somewhat noisier than your average library, this is a great, casual spot for some lighter studying that doesn’t need razor-sharp focus. 


Commons Conference Room

Work your way up the staircase by Commons’ dining hall and bear left, where down a tiny hallway you’ll see a conference room with plenty of seating, spacious tables and massive windows. Just downstairs, you’ve got easy access to a meal swipe at Commons or Munchie when you need to recharge. To save your spot in this study space, you’re going to have to get there early (and make sure nobody has booked the room). But, that’s for good reason, as this room has a ton of perks that make it perfect for large-group review sessions. There’s even a drop-down projector and huge, James Bond-esque automatic window blinds in case it gets too bright in the mornings.