VH New Music Fridays: Beck, The Jonas Brothers, Lil Baby and more

The Hustler Life staff reviews this week’s new releases


In VH New Music Fridays, the Life staff covers this week’s new music releases,  from pop to country to alternative.

Hip Hop: Eva Pace

“Woah,” Lil Baby

Lil Baby is back on the scene with his first single release since July. He topped off his appearance on Saturday Night Live this spring with the release of “Baby,” but then proceeded to blip off the radar in terms of content compared to other artists in his genre. “Woah” follows the latest rapper trend: lyrics that basically just consist of them gassing themselves up. That doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t good, though. The single has a distinct Lil Baby vibe, making “Woah” the perfect type of single to listen to when you’re trying to motivate yourself to go out on a Friday. 


Country & Americana: Alexa Bussmann

“club,” Kelsea Ballerini

After Kelsea Ballerini’s recent singles “homecoming queen” and “Better Luck Next Time,” I had pretty high expectations for “club.” I was pretty disappointed– “club” lacks any real meaning or artistry. Ballerini says that she enjoys dancing and partying but that she doesn’t want to go to the club, and that’s basically it. There’s no backstory– she just really doesn’t want to go. Musically, “club” is a pop song. Lackluster vocals are drowned out by a bad instrumental track. If you can’t go out this weekend because you have upcoming midterms or Panhellenic Preview Day, this might be your song– otherwise, I recommend that you skip it.


“Cool Anymore,” Jordan Davis ft. Julia Michaels

Jordan Davis is wildly underrated and Julia Michaels is seemingly recording songs with everyone these days, so I also had high expectations for their release today. “Cool Anymore” delivered– it’s impossibly catchy and just really fun. Its message of acceptance is refreshing, and the song’s flirty music video fits perfectly with the vibe of the song. I think I’m okay with pop influences in country music on crossover duets like “Cool Anymore.” There’s plenty of guitar to back up a sleek chorus, perfectly blending Davis and Michaels’ musical styles. I interviewed Davis around this time last year, and while I wouldn’t have predicted a single like “Cool Anymore” then, I’m a huge fan of this song.


Pop: Alexa Madsen

“Like It’s Christmas,” Jonas Brothers

Following the release of their album “Happiness Begins,” the Jonas Brothers released their first Christmas single today. In a similar fashion to their most recent album, “Like It’s Christmas” is an upbeat and energetic tune. However, despite maintaining the sound of popular music today, the Jonas Brothers channel more classical Christmas songs by incorporating both percussion and brass instrumentals on their track. As a fan of both the Jonas Brothers and Christmas music, this single fills a void I didn’t know that I had. If you are looking to get into the holiday spirit a little early this year, Kevin, Nick and Joe will definitely make you feel “like it’s Christmas.”


Indie & Alternative: Angela Karas

“Dark Places,” Beck

Ahead of the Nov. 22 release of his latest LP, “Hyperspace,” indie veteran Beck has released “Dark Places.” The single is very laid back and slow-paced, yet also maintains transient electronic/low-fi elements in the song’s opening portion. It’s certainly unique and showcases the singer’s range, particularly in contrast to some of his other recent work, like the pop-influenced “Colors” released in 2017. Overall, while perhaps not Beck’s most groundbreaking release, “Dark Places” adds to his genre-bending discography and proves once again to fans that you never know quite what to expect from this artist.