EDITOR’S MIX: Opinion Editor Miquéla Thornton

Miquéla Thornton, Opinion Editor

As Vandy prepares to party with the “H-town hottie,” Megan Thee Stallion, this homecoming weekend, I’ve created a playlist of my favorite songs by female rappers both old school and new school for all the Hot Girls, as she so affectionately calls her fans. The accomplishments and contributions of female rappers are way too often overlooked in hip-hop. Megan’s music, in my opinion, embodies feminism in it’s entirety and demands to be looked at. Because of that, as we anticipate her to rock the Memorial Gym stage, nothing is more fitting than a playlist paying homage to women in hip-hop. In her words, “Growing up listening to these men and how powerful and confident they seemed, I just thought oh my God! This would sound really good if a girl was saying all this.”