EDITOR’S MIX: Multimedia Director Emily Gonçalves

Emily Gonçalves, Multimedia Director

Honestly, creating an “Editor’s Mix” was one of the things I most looked forward to about being an editor for The Hustler. As someone who has been playing piano and singing for most of my life, I have a deep connection to both making and listening to music. That being said, it’s incredibly challenging to create a condensed playlist when my music taste is all over the place.

I ultimately decided to create a playlist of 47 songs (yes, a prime number of songs) called “EmmyG’s Prime,” which has songs that are connected by their  significance to different aspects of my life. I hope you enjoy this playlist that has everything from elements of my Portuguese heritage and Jersey upbringing to songs from the spontaneous $14 folk concert I attended with my best friends last week. 

Disclaimer: If all of Jay-Z’s work actually existed on Spotify, you better believe he’d have a greater presence on this playlist.