InVUsion to build a mosaic of campus diversity and talent April 6

The MLC’s capstone event, InVUsion, is this Saturday, April 6 from 3-6 p.m. at the Rec Fieldhouse


Avery Muir

This Saturday, April 6, the Multicultural Leadership Council is celebrating campus diversity and providing a chance for talented cultural organizations to grace the stage one last time this spring during their annual capstone event, InVUsion.

With over 30 student organizations that fall under the umbrella of the MLC, InVUsion will be able to offer a culturally diverse array of food from 17 different organizations, seven acts from the Diwali Showcase, Cafe con Leche, Harambee and the Lunar New Year Festival, eight guest performances and numerous gift card giveaways. The event is from 3-6 p.m. in the Rec Fieldhouse, and admission is free.

MLC Special Events Co-Chairs Anish Raman and Milind Mishra chose this year’s theme, Mosaic, to celebrate the diversity of Vanderbilt’s community.

“It’s very metaphorical about piecing together Vanderbilt’s picture with all the different colors of communities that make up Vanderbilt,” Raman said.

“Yeah, it doesn’t leave anyone out,” Mishra added. “The point of a mosaic is to create something beautiful with every piece that you have. For us, it’s having an event where every group is there and represented and all these different cultures are being showcased, and they come together to make something that is beautiful and representative of our community.”

While InVUsion is the MLC’s biggest event of the year, their work advocating for inclusivity, cultural awareness and social justice on campus is ongoing. Both Raman and Mishra described the MLC’s role on campus as providing a home  for marginalized communities, connecting students to different cultural organizations and fostering intercultural dialogue. Part of this role includes providing the space and platform for cultural organizations to showcase their talents, which is one of the main goals of InVUsion.

“It’s all about inclusivity anddiversity,” Raman said. “This is such a diverse campus, and sometimes it’s really hard to realize that without an express platform to bring people together. I believe the MLC sort of provides that platform. In a place like InVUsion, we have almost a thousand students attending from all different backgrounds, races, cultures and socioeconomic statuses. The MLC wants to provide a place for all of them to get together and express their talents.”