VUPointe to present “Cinderella” on the Ingram stage

The company returns with another classic on April 3


Isabel Tannenbaum

This Wednesday at 8 p.m., VUPointe Ballet Theatre will bring Cinderella to Ingram Hall. While last year’s spring show saw a variety of short pieces that reimagined ballet in a modern context, the company decided to juxtapose their annual production of The Nutcracker with another iconic work. Accompanied by Sergei Prokofiev’s timeless score, excerpts from the full ballet will be woven together into a unique interpretation of this well-known fairytale.

While YouTube videos of professional productions served as a reference point, most of the choreography was created from scratch, carving out an opportunity for the dancers to make this show their own. Accommodating the fantastical elements and large cast that this particular ballet requires led to creative and collaborative ideas that often stray from both ballet and Disney movie versions.

“Correcting the cues and the lights and the dancers, I realized that my perception of what the show should be is what people are watching, which is crazy,” President and Production Manager Dominique Szymkiewicz said.

VUPointe was founded only a few years ago with the goal of meeting a need for dancers on campus and bringing a new art form to those who may have never before seen a ballet. By presenting a show free of charge, they hope to encourage the Vanderbilt student body to explore forms of entertainment outside of their typical realm, something that does not necessarily exist outside of a college campus. After rehearsing for multiple hours every week since the beginning of the semester, the group’s hard work and dedication will finally play out on the big stage in what’s bound to be a magical evening.

Tickets are not required for this event, and a reception will follow.