Taylor’s Tennessee Treats: Baked on 8th

Baked on 8th features desserts that are as tasty as they are Insta-worthy


Taylor Hopkins

Baked on 8th checks all the boxes on the cute, Instagram-able bakery list: mural on the outside, neon sign inside, mouth watering pastries and fun, quirky cookies. While Baked on 8th is located a bit off the beaten path, traveling over to 8th Avenue South is well worth it. The bakery offers a variety of desserts, but the stars are their unique sugar cookies. The fresh-baked cookies’ designs vary each day and can be anything from unicorns and cacti to “chill-pills” and x-ray guns. Not only are these cookies fun, but with their slight buttery flavor, soft texture and sweet icing, they’re also delicious.

Baked on 8thSome other sweet treats you can enjoy at Baked on 8th are their cakes— snack on a slice or take home a whole cake. Their cake flavors include: confetti birthday, lemon, peanut butter ganache and more. Each flavor sounds and looks more decadent than the last as each cake is showered with a rainbow of fancy sprinkles.

While I was there, I made sure to snap a picture of my unicorn cookie with the “Baked in Nashville” sign. In addition to this dessert, I purchased an x-ray gun cookie and slice of the confetti birthday cake. Both desserts were both adorable and tasty. The vanilla cake had sprinkles throughout, wasn’t too dense and balanced the sugary taste of the icing well. The icing itself was pink, also chock full of sprinkles and had a sweet, smooth consistency. This dessert is delicious enough to make every day feel like your birthday.

Baked on 8th’s decor exudes fun as their shop’s decor certainly matches their cute and trendy desserts. On one exterior wall, there’s a huge mural bursting with balloon pastries and confetti coupled with the cheeky phrase “Life can be sweet.” Inside, the shop seems like the place to be for any wannabe Insta influencer as their neon “Baked in Nashville” sign surrounded by plants is picture-perfect— just add a cookie and a smile.

The shop gives off a cozy, vintage vibe with its exposed hanging lights, a pink wall full of cookie-cutters, treats displayed on silver platters and teal floral wallpaper that would have been a hit in any 1950s kitchen. An open counter gives visitors a peak at the desserts being decorated and contributes to the shop’s intimate and homey atmosphere.

Baked on 8th’s charming interior and delicious desserts make it a great place to stop in the next time you’re craving something sweet. I can’t wait to go back, try a slice of every cake flavor and see what kind of cute cookies they whip up next.