University Club of Nashville closes after 47 years

(Photo by Emma Mattson)

(Photo by Emma Mattson)

Emma Mattson, Assistant Campus Editor

The University Club of Nashville closed its doors in December 2018 after 47 years of being a part of the Nashville community. The decision to close proceeded from deliberation over the club’s function and the university’s long-term strategic goals, Director of Vanderbilt University Real Estate Margaret Emley wrote in an email to the Hustler.

Vanderbilt leased property to the University Club, which included a restaurant and an event venue. However, the club was not officially affiliated with Vanderbilt, and Vanderbilt did not receive any of its profits.

According to Emley, the University is currently assessing the building’s potential uses in accordance with Future VU, Vanderbilt’s vision for campus development in the next 30 years.

“We want to ensure our physical campus remains in sync with the university’s Academic Strategic Plan– ensuring that our limited land is used in ways that are central to the university’s mission,” Emley wrote.

Future use of the space will be determined after the university evaluates whether the building’s condition meets safety standards, Emley said.