Taylor’s Tennessee Treats: The Legendairy Milkshake Bar

Legendairy milkshakes

Taylor Hopkins

For those days when a Pub milkshake just won’t cut it, consider heading to the Legendairy Milkshake Bar. This relatively new dessert spot opened this summer and is about two and a half miles from campus. While the shakes will cost you about $13 each, they’re a hefty 16 ounces and well worth the sugar rush.

The restaurant gives off nostalgic vibes with cute neon signs and metal chairs, but overall is decorated simply with little more than wooden tables and milkshake photos pinned on the white walls. The stars of the show are the shakes themselves, which come in glass mason jars adorned with the bar’s logo. While you have the option to grab a plain vanilla shake or make your own scooped treat, I’d recommend one of the 13 signature shakes.

When I stopped in with some friends one Friday night, the place was crowded and a sign boasted a 30 minute wait. One worker said that sometimes, the wait for a shake exceeds an hour. However, the shakes are certainly worth your time for their taste and Instagram-ability as each one is prettier than the last. Customers each receive a menu on a little clipboard where they can write their name at the top of their order and check off what they want.

The signature shakes include everything from a Campfire S’mores Shake made with with rocky road ice cream, crushed graham crackers, mini marshmallows and a toasted marshmallow to a sweet and salty cheesecake shake loaded with sea salt caramel and buttered pecan ice cream, chocolate icing rim, potato chips, peanuts and chocolate drizzle topped off with a whole slice of New York cheesecake. Some other quirky shakes include The King Shake, Rolling in the Cookie Dough, Death By Chocolate and Breakfast of Champions.

The shake that caught my eye, however, was the Majestic Unicorn Shake crafted with cotton candy ice cream, marshmallow cream rim, rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream and mini marshmallows topped with a puff of cotton candy and “a little slice of rainbow magic.” And yes, it was as tasty, pink and sugar-filled as it sounds.

All the shakes are the right consistency: smooth enough for a paper straw and thick enough to not seem like ice cream soup. While they may be too pricey for an everyday ice cream fix, the shakes are definitely a perfect “treat yourself” snack.