Get out to vote: all the answers to your Election Day questions


Marie Charlotte Demetriades

Election Day is coming up this Tuesday, Nov. 6. Whether you’re away from home or a Tennessee native, be a civically responsible student and send in your absentee ballot or hit the polls. If you’re new to the absentee voting process, or to voting in general, here are the answers to some commonly asked questions.

I am registered to vote in Nashville. Where can I vote?
You can find your polling place here.

When and where can I vote early in Nashville?
Early voting in Tennessee runs until Nov. 1. Find early voting times and locations here.

When are the deadlines for requesting an absentee ballot?
These deadlines depend on the state in which you are registered to vote. The deadline to request an online ballot is often just a few days before election day, so you should request your ballot as soon as possible. To find out all of your state’s upcoming deadlines, check the U.S. Vote Foundation.  

When does my state need to receive my absentee ballot?
Election Day is generally the deadline for a state to receive your absentee ballot, but some states allow the ballot to be postmarked by Election Day. Be sure to send your ballot in a few days in advance so that it is received on time. You can see your state’s specific deadlines for requesting and receiving an absentee ballot here.

How do I send in an absentee ballot?
Some states will send a return envelope with your ballot. If your state does not do this and you need to print an envelope, ask Vanderbilt’s Printing Services for help. Note that some states require witnesses to sign your ballot before you return it.

Where can I get stamps to send in my absentee ballot?
Station B and the Satellite Office in the Commons Center sell stamps. See their hours here.

Which offices am I voting for? Who are the candidates?
This year’s main event is the congressional midterms, so you will be voting for your respective district’s members for the House of Representatives and in some cases your state’s Senators. There are also state and local level positions up for election; to find out who your specific candidates are, check out your personalized ballot here.