The Belcourt Theatre provides a variety of fantastic films in March


Brendan Sawyer

From new releases to revived classics, the Belcourt Theatre is every movie buff’s oasis. Vanderbilt students can take full advantage of the theatre’s student discounts and the FLiCX program’s free screenings. This month, the Belcourt is screening some promising new features, along with the showcase of a profound director and a few campy horror flicks.

New Releases
The Belcourt is currently screening two new releases, the first of which being the Academy Awards’ 2018 Best Picture The Shape of Water, an enchanting love story between a mute woman and an anthropomorphic fish. While the premise may seem off-putting, there is a clear reason why this film received such high awards. Director Guillermo del Toro crafted a beautiful modern fairytale through his elegant camera work and gorgeous set design. Sally Hawkins delivers a riveting performance without speaking a single word, and Michael Shannon holds his own as a cowardly yet maniacal antagonist. The film holds an important message on what it means to be human and is relevant to any moviegoer of any age.

The Belcourt is also currently screening acclaimed director Sally Potter’s new film The Party, a biting commentary on modern social standards. The Party follows a small gathering of London’s elite that quickly descends into chaos. With a small yet powerful ensemble cast and a runtime of only 71 min, The Party is a perfect film for anyone who has an hour to kill. Armando Iannuchi’s (Creator of Veep) dark comedy The Death of Stalin and Samuel Maoz’s Hebrew drama Foxtrot will also be screening in the coming weeks.

Ingmar Bergman Films
Along with upcoming releases, throughout the month of March, the Belcourt has been screening the films of late director Ingmar Bergman in celebration of the 100th anniversary of his birthday. Bergman is known as one of the most prolific directors of film history with his eccentric visual style and ability to bring out the best in his actors. In celebration of this cinematic legend, the Belcourt is screening a “key selection of work in the filmmaker’s sprawling career.” This event is continuing until March 25.

Midnight Movie
If the works of a prestigious filmmaker isn’t quite your speed, the Belcourt also offers its biweekly “Midnight Movie” series of campy horror and comedy films. Every other weekend, the Belcourt showcases some of the best (and worst) in horror and comedy. Past installments of this series include Alien, Pet Sematary, Creep Show and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. This month’s final installments are 28 Days Later and Return of the Living Dead, two Zombie features with drastically different tones. Those looking for a genuine scare should check out 28 Days, screening Friday, March 23 at midnight. For the more squeamish, Return of the Living Dead is a film that provides more laughs than scares and is showing the following night.

From Zombies to fish-people to bureaucrats, there is a film for everyone showing at the Belcourt this month. This humble Nashville theatre provides a variety unlike any other and is an experience that every Vanderbilt student should have.